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 Testing Rubric

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Wynter Starfrost


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PostSubject: Testing Rubric   Wed Mar 16, 2016 12:32 pm

Crusade Clan Testing Rubric
(all testers are required to keep a notebook or word doc of any and all tests)
Please copy paste this into any and all results you post after testing someone
“Conduct Of Battle Regulations”

Tester’s Name:

Testee’s Name:

Tester’s Deck(s):

Testee’s Deck(s):

Game Type: Match best 2-3 with siding

Match: (25 points) per win [score goes here]

Siding: (0-50 points) [score goes here]

Card Advantage: (0-20 points) per + (max 100) [score goes here]

Performance: (0-75 points) [score goes here]

Consistency: (0-75 points) [score goes here]

Synergy: (0-75 points) [score goes here]

Ruling: (0-75 points) [score goes here]

Errors: (-20 points) per error [score goes here]

Originality: (0-25 points) [score goes here]

Attitude: (0-75 points) [score goes here]

Recruit (0-100)
Inititate (101-225)
Squire (226-350)
Knight (351-475)
Paladin (476-600)

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Testing Rubric
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