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 Hey this is Sephy

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PostSubject: Hey this is Sephy   Wed Mar 16, 2016 3:07 pm

     Hi everyone I'm   S e p h y   and its very nice to be reunited with my family and I look forwards to making new ones.

So Let Me Say A "Few" Things About myself

     I always try to be polite, kind, modest and giving but I don't always succeed so I'm sorry if I'm ever show feelings of misgivings, ignorance or blunt

     My actual name is  Michael, S, Strombeck
I was born 7, 13, 1998
My long term goal is to simply fall in love
I've found my bloodline is 1/2 Vietnamese, 1/4 German and 1/4 Ttalian

     My favorite colors are purple, blue and 50 shades of gray
I'm a vegan because I think its a healthy life style for me personally
I'm Currently taking collage classes but have been homeschooled my whole life before that
For physical activities I enjoy horseback riding, fencing, swimming, boxing and standard health
For Artistic activities I enjoy piano, drawing, painting and reading
For pleasure activities I enjoy games, anime, and girls <33
------------------------F a m i l y:                  Carson, Koma, Ellie, Milan, mariah

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Hey this is Sephy
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